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We hand pour our candles and custom fill customers' containers. These are clean, long burning candles with fragrances that smell exactly as they should. We have approximately 40 fragrances. Our #1 seller is Odor Out Spice. It works.

We pour 100% Soy Oil candles made from the oil extracted from the soy bean. The candle contains no wax! The candles are available with various essential oils and are named Bougie De Sante (the healthy candle). They are also available with skin safe fragrances and candles in delightful fragrances just to make your home smell wonderful. They can be burned as a candle or used on a warmer.

We sell Root pillars and tapers made from 50% soy and 50% beeswax. The pillars burn approximately 8 hours per inch. The tapers burn 1 1/2 - 2 hrs per inch. They truly are the best pillar and taper candles you can buy.

From, MARILEE SPANJIAN wrote in 2005:

...In keeping with this issue's theme, Williamson County's ''Hidden Resources,'' I think anyone who wants to get rid of the ''stinkies'' should buy the Odor Out candle. It will not cover up the odors like lavender, vanilla and other scents will. This candle will get rid of the ''pee-yoos'' quickly.

I found out about it from the Franklin Yoga Center on Hillsboro Road. The studio always smells clean. Owners Kathy and Lowell Perry clean every surface throughout the day. But this candle takes away every odor and gives the space a fresh, clean smell.

According to Kandle Kitchen co-owner Carol Jack, who owns the  store  the Odor Out Spice/Odor Remover candle eliminates the smell of pets, fish, burnt popcorn, tobacco, paint, mustiness and even skunks.

Jack won't share the secret recipe, but says, ''Cinnamon is one of the components. This candle is our No. 1 seller. Several Realtors use them in houses, especially if someone smokes, has pets or a musty odor. They also give them as gifts.''

If your house is on the market, don't be insulted if someone gives you this candle. Sometimes you become immune to your home's odors. I've done it. Find a friend who will be honest and tell you. Then, either hire someone to clean or eliminate the odor or do it yourself. Then, buy this candle.

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