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The Kandle Kitchen             
212B McGavock Pike               NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS
Nashville, Tn  37214                       IN DONELSON

  • (615) 261-7550                               REMODELING COMPLETE!                                        $8.00 FLAT RATE SHIPPING   
                                                               IN CONTINENTAL US
MADE IN THE USA                                                                                                                                                                                                          


The Kandle Kitchen opened in August, 2000.  We carry only high quality fragrance.

We hand pour our candles and custom fill customers' containers. These are clean, long burning candles with fragrances that smell exactly as they should. We have approximately 40 fragrances. Our #1 seller is Odor Out Spice. It works.

We pour 100% Soy Oil candles made from the oil extracted from the soy bean. The candle contains no wax! The candles are available with various essential oils and are named Bougie De Sante (the healthy candle). They are also available with skin safe fragrances and candles in delightful fragrances just to make your home smell wonderful. They can be burned as a candle or used on a warmer.

We sell Root pillars and tapers made from 50% soy and 50% beeswax. The pillars burn approximately 17 hours per inch. The tapers burn 1-1/2 - 2 hrs per inch. They truly are the best pillar and taper candles you can buy.

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